We support our 4 first business lines with a comprehensive Operations & Maintenance service covering both active and passive infrastructures.

Our Business Lines

Excelling in a wide range of services, worldwide.

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Telecom Site Construction & Installation

done Greenfield Towers & Rooftop Structures done Mobile & Rapid Deployment Solutions done Camouflaged done Cabinets & Shelters done Data Centers done Associated Services

Power Systems & Renewables Energies

done Power Systems done Pure solar done Hybrid done Associated Services

Equipment Installation & Commissioning

done Radio & Transmission Planning done Installation, Commissioning, Integration,SWAP done In-building Solutions done Drive Tests Measurements done Benchmark & Audit

Fixed & Fiber Optics Networks

done Network Design & Planning done Detailed Route Design done ROW Process done Network Implementation done Subscriber Installation / Last Mile

Managed Services, Maintenance & Operations

done NOC / GNOC done e.sight Platform done Monitoring & Supervision done Performance & Reporting done Operations & Maintenance

Our Integrated Solutions:

Our Integrated Solutions Images

Rural Coverage Solution

Connecting anyone, anywhere at any time is a challenge we know how to take up, providing reliable broadband service with minimal expense, leveraging our local presence as well as long-lasting experience…

Energy Managed Services Image

Energy Managed Services

Increasing energy costs and environmental concerns rose the need for real time O&M management systems. By developing its own connected hybrid power solution and RMS platform, Camusat is able to provide 24/7 remote monitoring and performances assessment of the energy production…

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