Power Project Manager

Power Project Manager is responsible for managing and coordinating of all the necessary processes in the technical solution adopted, commercial proposal, implementation and acceptance phases for each project.
The most important task is to manage the project actively and to coordinate from the inception to execution. Power Project Manager should have an understanding of technical solution delivered to the customer and is involved in the transition from ordering through to acceptance.

Job Duties & Responsibilities

  • Coordinate with third parties contractors and internal resources for the power project
  • Ensure that all power installation projects are delivered on time, withing the budget and scope of work
  • Develop detail project plans, monitor the progress of the project as the plans, and ensure the accomplishment of the project with the quality standard
  • Menage changes to project scope, project schedule, and project cost
  • Report and escalate to management on the project accomplishments
  • Prepare proposals and following their progress with the clients
  • Develop technical solutions for the power team and manage the project activities based on the project plans
  • Solid knowledge of telecommunication environment;

Required Skills & Knowledge

  • Good knowledge of Project management;
  • Communicate effectively with team Members;
  • Organizational skills;
  • Allocation of work among involved parties;
  • Teamwork and communication skills;
  • Writing of project- related documentation;
  • Clearly communicates project results to superiors and involved parties;
  • The ability to interact with the customers and their peers;
  • Proactive approach , result oriented and self- confidence;


  • Language skills:
    English –  Upper Intermediate or Advanced
  • Required Education:
    University Education (Energy and power engineering Bachelor’s Degree)
  • Knowledge of telecom specific services, infrastructure, software;
  • Managing commercial proposals according with the contractual agreements and following PO;
  • Delivering the job at required quality and managing acceptance process;
  • People management skills;
  • Good communication, negotiation and presentation skills;
  • Positive and professional attitude;
  • Ability to work to tight deadlines;
  • Adaptable/flexible, Analytical mind, Problem solver, Stress resistant, Team player;
  • Flexibility in working outside office hours and willing to travel when required;

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