HR, CSR & EHS manager

HR missions:

  • Declines the HR strategy of the Group within the subsidiary.
  • Ensures compliance of the evolution of the social regulation and respect with internal rules.
  • Oversees the payroll process.
  • Ensures a role of support and advisor to managers of department.
  • Pilot recruitment and training process of the subsidiary.
  • Guarantees the quality of social climate.

CRS and EHS missions:

  • Declines the CSR & EHS strategies of the Group within the subsidiary, in terms of objectives, actions, tools, resources, in line with the other Group policies (HR, Purchasing, Research & Development, Finance, etc.).
  • Provides an operational support to all internal departments in order to ensure the facilities’ and processes’ compliance with local regulations and Group rules on environment, health and safety.
  • Ensures a continuously follow-up on the evolution of local regulations regarding environment, health, safety and work conditions.
  • Identifies areas that need improvement in the fields of CSR (including environmental, ethical, social and governance aspects) and EHS.



  • Master degree in Human Resources Management,
  • A 5-year-significant experience in a position of HR collaborator in a multicultural environment. An experience in telecom company would be appreciated.
  • Good knowledge of the different fields of Human Resources Management: recruitment, training, social law, careers development, payroll.
  • Fluent in Spanish and English.