O&M Electromechanical Technician - Camusat Uganda


  • Projects include minor Maintenance tasks up to and including coordination of major generator maintenance, ticketing construction remodel projects, refueling sites.



  • In this position you must be available for emergency response, often actively participating in repair and resolution. This position reports to the Area Manager
  • The responsibilities of this position are to review and evaluate maintenance requests as they are received via the company helpdesk.
  • Preforms preventive maintain ace on uninterrupted power supply and all technical power faults on the site.
  • Identify and resolve problems as they are identified using the company’s resolution process.
  • Repairs and maintains remote stand by generators, power generators to ensure that no site goes off.
  • To maintain and provide a reliable communication system and electric power to the site.
  • Installs repairs and maintains new and replace used cable wires to prevent circuits break downs on site.
  • Analyzes Electrical circuits, wiring and installs repairs, calibrates and replaces all electrical devices and systems to prevent overload.
  • Ensures that the site is clean and all used spares are disposed of respectively to the designated areas.
  • Maintain Electrical power, detect shorts and defensive connections, and restore operation of non-functioning equipment.
  • Capacity to analyses faults and share conclusive findings with a detailed resolution report



  • Quick decision maker: He should be in position of getting solutions to problems ASAP.
  • Technical skills: He should have knowledge to solve all technical faults on sites.
  • Computer skills: He should be in position to use the Microsoft, excel to ensure reports are sent on time and communicate efficiently.
  • Health and safety skills: He should ensure that he is well equipped with the right PPE and work in a SAFE manner at all times and report all accidents immediately. Make sure that PPE is in proper use.
  • Communication skills: Communicate effectively and professionally with team members and the management.
  • Mechanical/Technical l Skills: He should be in position to analyze all mechanical and electrical faults reported in reference to the Area manager.
  • Capacity to use electrical tools i.e meters, battery analyzers etc.



  • Experience: At least 5years of service in the Electrical field
  • Bachelors in Electrical and mechanical Engineering, Automotive and Power Engineering, Certificates to Diploma: Mechanics and Electrical installation.
  • Knowledge of technical language




Please send your CV to hr.uganda@camusat.com with the job title in the subject line.