Regional HR - CSR & EHS (East Africa)


  • Under the authority of the Regional Managing Director, drive and follows the realization of priorities of HR, CSR & EHS actions defined by the hierarchy.
  • Provides functional management to local HR, CSR and EHS managers in the countries of the Region.
  • Is responsible for monitoring and implementing audit action plans carried out within the scope of the function for the Region.
  • Brings forward social, environmental, ethical, and governance aspects within the defined geographic area.


  • Implementation of the Group’s HR-CSR & EHS strategy
  • Participate and contribute with the HR Director, CSR and EHS Cluster, in the development of HR, CSR and EHS priorities of the Region,
  • Is responsible for the application of HR, CSR, EHS initiatives in the Region,
  • Ensures the harmonization of HR practices together with the cluster’s Regional Managing Director and HR, CSR, EHS Director,
  • Ensures effective communication of HR-CSR & EHS strategies and procedures,
  • Ensures the respect and implementation of local policies, regulations and action plans on health, safety at work and the environment (EHS),
  • Provides operational support to local HR-CSR & EHS interlocutors to ensure compliance of facilities and processes according to local regulations and EHS rules on health, safety and environment (EHS),
  • Advises and assists the hierarchy in the management of their teams (mobility, career management, disciplinary …) as well as the associated arbitrations,
  • Rolls out and adapts, if necessary locally, specific tools (forms, training materials, etc.) for internal services to facilitate decision-making, guarantees traceability and enhances procedures reliability,
  • Provides support to local HR-CSR & EHS interlocutors in management awareness of the HR-CSR and EHS themes and organizes awareness-raising actions for all staff,
  • Ensures the compliance of the evolution of the social legislation and the respect of the regulations internally,
  • Supports local HR-CSR & EHS interlocutors during Recruitment and Training processes,
  • From needs analysis and gathering to the integration of human resources (recruitment process) and the implementation of the training action (training process),
  • Ensures the good management of expatriates in the countries of the Region.
  • Coordination of resources and actions
  • Functionally supervises employees and departments in charge of HR-CSR & EHS activities,
  • Implements a program of continuous improvement of the HR-CSR & EHS processes with operational management within the Region.
  • Reporting
  • HR-CSR & EHS performance indicators: ensures the completeness, consistency and deadline compliance of the monthly, quarterly and annual reports of countries in the geographical area,
  • CSR action plan: Drives the proper implementation of CSR actions in the countries and ensures the deadline for quarterly reporting.
  • Communication and external lobbying Mission on the entities of the Region
  • Ensures that the graphic charter of the company is respected,
  • Supervises operations with partners,
  • Ensures the good information of the employees and the actions defined by the Group’s HR-CSR & EHS policy,
  • Federates teams around events (regional, internal seminar …),
  • Applies the communication strategy internally,
  • Consolidates the HR-CSR & EHS and Group Communication services for all organized events.


  • Knowledge of different areas of human resources management: recruitment, training, social law, career management, payroll, etc.
  • Knowledge of different CSR concepts and requirements,
  • Knowledge of the different EHS requirements,
  • Global vision of the organization of the company,
  • Be good at labor law and social law,
  • Be good at general, economic and environmental knowledge,
  • Master computer skills,
  • Fluency in English (read, written and spoken), French as a plus.


  • Empathy / Communication skills / Flexibility and thoroughness / Ability to persuade / Organization / Pragmatism / Ability to negotiate / proactive / Risk assessment quality / Anticipation / Rigor / Intellectual integrity / Curiosity / Critical sense.


  • Business School / MBA with option or specialization in Human resources or
  • MA / MBA specialized in Human Resources Management,
  • Significant 5-years’ experience as a HR manager position in a multicultural environment.

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